General Theme

This course has been developed to improve practice within acute neurological disorders among children. It is suitable for general pediatricians providing emergency care for children with acute neurological disorders.  


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

1. Identify the most common acute neurological presentations in children that they may face in the emergency room

2.  Practice the tactics of prioritization for admission of the different acute neurological presentations in children.

3. Acquire the skills of treatment of the most common acute neurological disorders in children

4. Design the care pathway plan for children with acute neurological disorders


•What is acute neurology?

• What should be done first?

• Acute flaccid paralysis

• Acute ataxia

•Pediatric seizures:

–Fits – faints – funny turns

–Acute symptomatic seizures

– Febrile seizures

– The EEG

–CT and MRI findings in acute neurological conditions

–First unprovoked seizure

– Acute seizure clusters and status epilepticus

•Childhood stroke

•Suspected inherited neuro-metabolic disease

• Altered consciousness and cerebral edema

• Bacterial meningitis - Acute encephalitis and ADEM

• Pediatric headache and migraine



•  4 days

•  6 hours each day (8.00am – 2.00pm)

• Case studies and scenarios – group work – templates - protocols

•Training is only for a maximum 20 pediatricians

• You will get:

– Training manual with all templates and forms

–Tea / coffee break and lunch

– Training certificate with credit hours


For Information

Contact Mr Ahmed Abdel reheim: 01280720374