Excellence in Performance

1 . Dispersion treatment , attention and hyperactivity using neurotrophic feedback Neurofeedback.

2 . Altakataba rehabilitation for children with autism using a program to communicate using a photo-sharing PECS.

3 . Protocol Integrated diet for children with autism DAN.

4 . Fast Forward program Fast Forword to develop the skills of people with learning difficulties .

5 . Psychometrics and test mental with learning disabilities enrolled at schools using foreign battery Stanford image structure fifth .

6 . Careful evaluation and preparation of early intervention program using the Portage program prepared specially for the center as a digital .

7 . Training oneself to kinesthetic Special Needs .

8 . Training those with hyperactivity and dispersion using cognitive behavioral therapy .

9 . Specialized clinic for evaluation and Botox Cosmetic injections for people with cerebral palsy

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